When virtual worlds become ever so real

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Virtual worlds are becoming so realistic. The recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been praised for it’s realism. One reviewer wrote: ‘Some of these unsettling feelings stem from just how incredibly realistic the game looks. The visuals are astounding, and each environment – from snowy mountains in eastern Europe to the favelas of Brazil and a wartorn Washington D.C. – is captured with intricate detail.’

Of course you can take realism to the extreme. And who else but The Onion could come up with this brilliant WORLD EXCLUSIVE. It details Modern Warfare 3, which developer Infinity Ward is apparently putting the “final touches on.. This parody sequel brings true realism of the modern day soldier’s life to your desktop: endless paperwork, boredom and neverending, uneventful routine patrolling in photo realistic detail.

Human Area Network 2.0

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Click, BBC’s flagship technology program recently traveled to Japan showing a phone that transfers data through your body to a computer. This technology is called RedTacton and has been developed by Japanese scientists of Nippon Telegraph & Telecom. In a nutshell: RedTacton technology turns your body, your clothes, your shoes and even the floor your standing on into an ‘adsl cable’ that transfers data wirelessly to other RedTacton enabled devices.

Nearly two years ago I was fortunate enough to visit the RedTacton lab in Japan for the Dutch Television show ‘In de Ban van het Ding’…

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RTL Editie NL: James Bond gadgets

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RTL-editie NLDoorspoelen naar minuut 10

Gisterenavond mocht ik in de RTL uitzending Editie NL ‘James Bond’ gadgets tonen. Agent 007 kreeg door de jaren heen natuurlijk de prachtigste gadgets van Q mee op zijn wereldreddende missies, zoals de horloge-telefoon in For your Eyes only uit 1981. Wat is er ruim dertig jaar later van die sci-fi gadgets werkelijkheid geworden? Heel kort vertelde ik gisteren over LG Watchphone zien en liet Layars op de nieuwe HTC Hero Android smartphone zien.

AT5-programma Amsterdam Inc: V-fiets

June 23, 2009 · Posted in TV · Comment 

Wekelijks is Bright te gast bij AT5-programma Amsterdam Inc. om een nieuwe tool te bespreken. Deze week besprak ik de V-fiets, een pakket waarmee je vrijwel iedere fiets makkelijk ombouwt tot een electrische fiets en het ziet er ook nog goed uit.

AT5-programma Amsterdam Inc: Nettops

June 17, 2009 · Posted in TV · Comment 

Wekelijks is Bright te gast bij AT5-programma Amsterdam Inc. om een nieuwe tool te bespreken. Deze week besprak ik nettops.

Bright cover28-klIn Bright 28 heb ik de twee nettops aan een Deathmatch onderworpen.

Tros Radar megapixel mythe

May 5, 2009 · Posted in Personal, TV · Comment 

More megapixels in your camera means sharper pictures, right? On the contrary. In this episode of the Dutch consumer television program Tros Radar I help debunk the myth.

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