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Television appearances:

“Next to writing, giving workshops and lecturing I really enjoy being in front of a camera.  I’m passionately fascinated by science and technology and television allows me to discover the fascinating wonders of the modern world. In front of the camera I get to test, touch, view, discover, hear and talk about my passions. Something I could not do otherwise. It’s a privilege to share my boy-like bewilderment but also the trials & tribulations of our modern day technological lives with others.”

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De Heer Ontwaakt

Every friday morning David discusses the latest scientific and technological developments during the daily morning radioshow ‘De Heer Ontwaakt‘ with Sander de Heer, de radiohost.



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Bright Uitpakparty

The Bright Uitpakparty (Unboxing party) is a weekly internet-TV video review column tackling the latest technological innovations. The Bright Uitpakparty is raw, in your face, unscripted, out on the street or straight out of the livingroom with a touch of cynical humor. What you see is what you get and that includes me. Though I’m not the only host I’m also known as Mr. uitpakparty (Mr. Unboxing-party ). Over the years I made more than 150 Uitpakparties.

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I appeared in an episode of MTV was here as the gadget expert introducing the The Yike Bike, world’s first foldable, electric bike. Watch me nearly crash this unique electrical bike



TROS Radar

TROS Radar is a  consumer television program that’s been around for 15 years. The program acts as watchdog protecting the rights of consumers. In may 2009 I was asked as an expert to debunk the digital camera megapixel myth. More megapixels doesn’t mean sharper or better photo’s but that’s what manufacturers of digital camera’s wanted us to believe.

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IdBvHD-teamIn de Ban van het Ding

At the end of 2007 the first of eight episodes of the Dutch television program ‘In de ban van het ding’ was aired. I was one of the three tv ‘journalists’ hosts. Linda, Erwin and myself travelled the world in search of the latest scientific and technological developments that touch our daily lives in ways we sometimes don’t anticipate.

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amsterdaminc-kl AT5 Amsterdam Inc.

Bright has a weekly guest appearance on the television news program Amsterdam Inc. on AT5, the largest local television channel in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Inc is news program about creative, innovative and enterprising developments in the city of Amsterdam. Bright talks about must-have innovative gadgets for the entrepeneur. Ocassionally I appear on Amsterdam Inc.

Watch David on Amsterdam Inc.


RTL-editie NL-kl RTL Editie NL

RTL is one the largest commercial television channels in the Netherlands. I appeared on the daily news program Editie NL as a gadget ‘expert’. In 1981, in the James Bond film ‘For your Eyes only’ 007 went on a mission with a watchphone. Now, nearly thirty years later what Hollywood sci-fi gadgets have become reality? I briefly show the viewers the LG watchphone and the Augmented Reality software Layars on the latest smartphone.

Watch segment starting at 10 minute mark.


Radio interviews:

LLiNK Atlas

Who are the people that make our world a better place. Radio newsprogram Atlas focusses on subjects with a flavor of sustainability. In the feature Het Lab I talk about the latest green developments in labs worldwide.

(May 16, 2010)




Business News Radio

BNR Nieuwsradio covers news, politics, sports, weather and traffic and does mostly live interviews.

Every year Bright Magazine publishes the Bright 25, a list the most important trends, innovations and gadgets as seen by the editors of Bright. I was let loose to explain some of the choices listed in the Bright 25.




BNN todayBNN Today

BNN Today is A Dutch daily radioprogram. Several times I was invited as guestspeaker ‘Inspector Gadgets’ discussing the latest gadgets and technological advances.

Listen to Inspector Gadget