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Throughout the years I’ve written articles for magazine and newspapers such as Bright, P/f, Glamsterdam, WinQ, Living Media, Sprout, MacWorld, Net Magazine, Publish, Power Unlimited, Wired, Mitsubishi Magazine, Volkskrant, Readers Digest and more. I also wrote ‘copywrite’ for companies such as Friesland Foods, Pioneer, Vodafone, Sogeo and Jumbo. Here you’ll find a sample of mostly ‘uncut’ articles published over the years.

Bright05-klBright Magazine:
Bright celebrates ingenuity and I’ve been a regular contributor to Bright’s magazine, website and Internet TV from day one.


Feature articles:

The Internet of Things: Alles maar dan ook alles wordt connected (pdf)
Route du Soleil: Revolutie van de zonne-economie (pdf)
3D printen: Alles wat je kan tekenen kan je maken (pdf)
Zelluf doen: Follow up artikel over 3D (pdf)
Robolove: De Japanse liefde voor de robot (pdf)
The Flightsims: Virtueel vliegen (pdf)
Perfect geluid: De passie van de audiofiel (pdf)
Labrats: Backstage bij frog (pdf)


Nerd Alert: LED pret(pdf)
Nerd Alert: Senseo (pdf)
NerdX: Mac Mini Cooper (pdf)
Deathmatch: One sample of a Deathmatch (pdf)

P/f is a photography magazine for the pro and the serious amateur. I mostly wrote articles about ubiquitious computing related to photography

De cameratelefoon van morgen (pdf)
Geotagging: de foto op zijn plek (pdf)
Burgerjournalistiek (pdf)

living mediaLiving Media

Sports go hi-tech (pdf)
Web 2.0; Ik heb, jij hebt, samen hebben we… (pdf)

netmagNet Magazine

Not long after the birth of the web, the IDG publication ‘Net Magazine’ saw the light. The magazine focused on the emerging Internet and its users. For several years I wrote extensively for the magazine. My favorite however, was the ‘Net Niet’ column about the fictional character Max Apple who constantly dealt with the trials and tribulations of the new web phenomena and its early tech such as Netscape plugins, Gopher and dial-up modems .
Net Niet: Plugin nachtmerries (pdf)
Net Niet: Indecent Proposal (pdf)
Net Niet: Telefoneren (pdf)
Net Niet: Piercing (pdf)
Net niet: Lederhosen (pdf)
Net Niet: Internet in a baby (pdf)
Net Niet: Back to the future (pdf)

readerdigest-coverReaders Digest

In the early 90’s I wrote several articles for Readers Digest. These are the ‘uncut’ versions. Prepare for a long but fascinating read…
“Mayday, Mayday, we’re going down, we’re sinking! This is the Dora H, Dora H…” (pdf, English)
Dreams never die This story was never published due to ‘political reasons’. (pdf, English)
Theo Bruynzeels, An Accidental Spy (pdf, English)


For one of the larger Dutch newspaper I wrote an article about how International criminal enterprises dumped millions of pounds of illegally caught salmon onto the European market. The salmon, caught with the notorious driftnets, at the time continued to show up on the Dutch, French and British markets, the Dutch buying the bulk.  The Dutch importers changed their policy after the article raised questions. It was my first article ever published by a ‘big one’.
Salmon goes Dutch (pdf, English)
Nederland koopt illegale zalm (pdf)


For five years in the eighties I was a commercial fisherman in Alaska. I wrote a raw ‘day in the life’ story about my experience onboard of the fishingtrawler AK One.
Beulen voor God (pdf)